Marina - September 13, 2016

Manual, photo-1

To be on the safe side we prepared a manual for you. As we got used to chats, but not always sure, how to communicate with a chatbot, because it is a rather new creature. Almost all the steps are intuitively understandable. But there are some tips we want to share! Please, read the manual and start your journey!


1.Just open your Telegram Messenger.

Manual, photo-2


2. Choose Write a new message

Manual, photo-3


3. Find our bot — @unexploredcity_bot

Manual, photo-4


4. Press Start

Manual, photo-5


5. Change the language if you need.

Manual, photo-6


6. The bot will ask you to share your location, please, share and press Ok.

Manual, photo-7


7. Choose the route you are interested in.

Manual, photo-8


8. Get started

Manual, photo-9


9. Read our tip, how to get there

Manual, photo-10



Create your route with the help of Google.Maps or Yandex.Maps

Manual, photo-11


Here you are.

Then press this Go to my Maps button 

Manual, photo-12


Choose the one you prefer

Manual, photo-13


Follow instructions.

Manual, photo-14


Getting to the object press Back to Telegram

Manual, photo-15


10. When you are back and do not see the buttons, please, press the button.

Manual, photo-16


11. When you get to the object, press I’m here

Manual, photo-17


12. Enjoy and continue your journey! Don’t forget only those, who didn’t skip the objects and get to the finish, will get a present…


Before starting your journey, please, be aware that you have


*We need the internet connection only on the early stages while preparing mobile apps. Then the routes can be downloaded  and used offline. Please, be patient. We are working on it.