How to collaborate

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We are building a single tourist map. We are telling stories of the big and small tourist centers. Please join our community, sharing the story of your city in the format of a cultural or tourist route. To make it happen, just create it (see ‘How to create’). If you need any help, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Having moderated a number of the routes our customers shared with us via our platform, we understood that to prepare good content is not easy-peasy. So we decided to help our users with the routes creation, their translation, and studio sound recording (incl. our new guest-star option).

Having worked in the tourist field for more than three years we got acquainted with the projects which also deal with the city routes. Our goal is to introduce your city, reaching as many people as we can. So we decided to collaborate. We are exporting the routes to the partners’ databases. It means that we provide even more channels for city promotion.


If you desire to have a digital suite of solutions with another functionality (or algorithms), please share your expectations and we will provide you with a customized landing, a chatbot in Messenger or mobile app.


Activities CUR
Excursion translation into Ukrainian  50
Excursion translation into Russian  50
Excursion translation into English  150
Excursion translation into Polish  150
Studio sound recording (Ukrainian) 250
Studio sound recording (Russian) 250
Studio sound recording (English) 400
Studio sound recording (Polish) 400
Studio sound recording by a guest-star under request
Wow-object creation от 150
One-language text version (or audio-files) export into partners’ data-bases 50
All-language text- and audio-files export into partners’ data-bases 250


Landing creation (with data-base) 3500
Landing design 3500
Cross-platform mobile apps creation (iOs and Android) 30000
Native mobile apps creation  (iOs and Android) 40000
Subscription if mob apps available
Customized Telegram chatbot creation 3000
Customized Facebook Messenger chatbot creation 3000
Customized Telegram and Facebook Messenger chatbots creation 5000


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