Marina - 10 июля, 2016


Real Name: Kenor Martinez

Vanbergen Sphere: Artist, Muralist, Street Artist

Techniques: acrylic, spray

Born (city): Barcelona

Raised (city): Spain

Now: Barcelona (Spain)

UnexploredCity: Please describe your technique in several words.

Kenor Martinez Vanbergen: Abstract-geometry sound.


UnexploredCity: Why geometry?

Kenor Martinez Vanbergen: Painting a train is an extreme situation. One has to pay attention to one’s surroundings, put almost all your senses available to the environment. There isn’t much time for the completion of a work. Despite this extensive attention one has to focus on a small horizontal format. That tense, diffuse concentration is the stimulus that determined my way of painting: one built through gestures. Each of them is the launching of an accurate, final line which arises in a visceral way. Composing a piece of work in which no line has privilege over the others, any colour prevails over others. My achievement is thereby to generate harmonic and coherent work from the purely expressive.

The surface I don’t divide into coordinates, there isn’t a forseen composition. It is the piece of work itself that takes its own rhythm, its own voice. Every gesture builds a line, each set of lines forms a sound, a rhythm. And it is the rhythm of each work is what I hear, what I paint. She is the line that tells you what goes on, what color demand .This is the origin of my geometry-abstract.


UnexploredCity: Why multi-colored decisions?

Kenor Martinez Vanbergen: The cities are gray. The walls are gray. We must fight these spaces in this way.

With color.

If the tense concentration and expressive line behaved that my work in the outside visceral and dynamic trains. That way of working, gestures, has moved to other areas. In particular, I learned a dialogue on the wall. In such areas, the exercise of listening, so that those spaces have been themselves have transmitted the scale and features of the work.

Of these spaces, which will have subtracted architectural estimation and in which the notion of space-time is fuzzy, I have obtained a work that fits that dismissal, fragmenting lines, deconstructing color spaces, not limiting his work restricted to a specific area but extending for floors and ceilings, in order that the work carried out and the space that is relacionasen possible harmonically.


UnexploredCity: What about monochrome colors?

Kenor Martinez Vanbergen: Now I am in the endless search for the color.

This is another concept. White-negro monochrome. Leave it to the installations.

In the latter installations abstract electronic music and experimental noise is already a very strong influence on works that the broad stroke, which are still breaking planes but where the color palette is reduced to monochrome preserved, why not subtracting integration into space and an obvious consistency.


UnexploredCity: Inspiration. Is it regular? Or you try to find it somewhere? If the last option, then where or how? Music? If music, then what kind of it. Nature maybe?

Kenor Martinez Vanbergen: The abstract geometries that characterize my work are always the result of the visual interpretation of the music that motivates his creative action: techno, and more specifically Detroit techno. «An abstract, fascinating techno which originates and evolves … Detroit».

This musical style, made from textures, makes interpretations compose music through gesture, the very act of painting.

Each of them is the launching of an accurate, final line which arises in a visceral way. Composing a piece of work in which no line has privilege over the others, any colour prevails over others. His achievement is thereby to generate harmonic and coherent work from the purely expressive.


UnexploredCity: Your mural on Pobedy 114/2. Any message to the spectators? Or any comment?

Kenor Martinez Vanbergen: I was working last September in this mural, the localization in a poor neighborhood gray and its inhabitants needed color and art, a gift. The wonderful people, was a life experience. And this past April in the hangar where the underground work painting an unforgettable experience with all the people who worked at the site.


UnexploredCity: Train for Kyiv metropolitan. Is it the first non-standard (if I may say so or non-wall) work by yours?

Kenor Martinez Vanbergen: This is my second whole train. My first full train was last March in Amsterdam.We are now working to paint the Miami metro.


UnexploredCity: Any preferences? Murals? Street art? Canvas?

Kenor Martinez Vanbergen: Trains.  

UnexploredCity: Your family. Do they support you?

Kenor Martinez Vanbergen: Fernando Romero is my father, I was born surrounded by his geometric-abstract sculptures and photographs from poetics and minimalista. Bob Dilan and Joan Manuel Serrat. My first view of the Fundacion Joan Miro has something to do, his sculpture near Plaza Spain in Barcelona «The Woman and the Bird» («Dona i Ocell») caught me. I live surrounded by works of Gaudi, he explains something in my more arquitectonica part of my job.


My mother has very little to absract paintings and color search was not normal for such a minor child.

At age 10 I became interested to paint on the walls of my city, because of my temper, simpre pure, energatico and spontaneous. Prone to experience each moment without having to justify my actions. This is what interests me about graffiti and its scope, the street that power to express and share the moment. I am someone who is devoted entirely to a work that is not dependent on predetermined, rational process, and which left entirely exposed who I am.


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