Lviv Jewish districts. The Way of changes and reforms.

Lviv TIC - October 20, 2018

Many Jewish communities settled in East Galicia starting in the middle ages, creating part of an incredible ‘Galician Babylon’. At the beginning of World War II, Jews accounted for 40 percent of the population in Lviv, Western Ukraine’s largest city. The Nazi policy of ‘final solution for the Jewish issue’, which meant the genocide of Jews, resulted in the loss of prewar Jewish community in Lviv. People and architectural monuments were wiped out. In the Soviet period the remaining Jewish heritage was smothered. Even though only a small part of the Jewish heritage remains after all these events, an attempt to describe all the places of Jewish significance in Lviv in this guidebook would be too ambitious. Rather, the proposed tour highlights well-known Lviv historian Jakób Schall’s words: ‘When most other cities had one Jewish center, Lviv had two: in the old central part and another – so-called ‘Kazimierz’s Lviv’. We hope that you discover unexpected and unique Jewish Lviv, which is so dearly missed these days.