Jewish Addresses in Kyiv

"Интересный Киев" - November 11, 2016

During the walking tour you will get to know the history of the Jewish community in Kyiv. You will learn about famous people and see the most interesting buildings that were built by the Jewish community.

Highlights of this walking route include: the Brodsky Synagogue, the monument to Sholem Aleichem, Golda Meir House, the Bessarabian market, Berner House, Bodrov House.

The emergence of a Jewish community in ancient Kyiv is apparently related to the Khazar Khanate. It is believed that the first Jews migrated to Kyiv from Khazaria, Byzantium and the Muslim East, and they spoke the Old Russian language. In the first half of the 10th century the community already existed, as evidenced by the so-called Kyiv letter containing Jewish community’s appeal to the foreign co-religionists. According to chronicles and annalistic sources, the Jewish quarter ‘Zhydove’ existed in Kopyriv end and gave its name to Jewish Gate in the city of Yaroslav the Wise. The Jewish Gate was located on the territory of modern Lviv Square, while the Jewish quarter was probably right outside the Gate. It appears that this is also the place where a synagogue existed. Indeed, even Theodosius Pechersky came here to conduct religious debates with the Jews. In 1240, the Tatar-Mongol invasion of Rus’ destroyed the first Jewish community and almost the entire population of Kyiv as a whole.

The walking tour is worked out by ‘Interesting Kyev’ company.