Along Volodymyrska street with Igor Gyrych

Yury - June 26, 2017

Igor Gyrych is a well-known historian and journalist, Dr. habil., local historian, expert in the field of Kyivan history, chief editor of the magazine «Monuments of Ukraine». We are not going to list all of his achievements, but we are sure that one cannot find a better companion and guide who will introduce the monuments of Ukrainian Kyev of the second half of the XIX – the beginning of the XX century, show the places connected with the people who created the Tsentralna Rada (the Central Rada or The Central Council of Ukraine), the first Ukrainian newspapers and publishing houses established, those who defended the independence of Ukraine. All of them created the unique aura of our city, protecting the originality of Kyiv from the cultural expansion of the great power. Together with Igor Gyrych, we will go along Volodymyrska street, the street, which played an important role in the formation of Ukrainian Kyiv.

Our route starts at the Zoloti Vorota (the Golden Gates of Kyiv) and ends near the Sophia Cathedral…