Terra Firma. 7th pavilion

Marina - October 13, 2017

Terra Firma. 7th pavilion, photo-1

On September 9-10, two pavilions of visual programme will be open to the public on the territory of VDNH in addition to other events which will be held within the framework of international festival GOGOLFEST.

The project will feature artists from Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Austria and the Netherlands, who were invited to participate in the event by way of an open call. Invited artists represent both traditional and new types of art, they experiment with materials, space, branches, often using interdisciplinary connections.

Sculptural project ‘Terra Firma’ 7th pavilion of VDNH.

‘Give me one good night on ‘terra firma’.

I’ll do anything you want tomorrow’ Do we ever think about the importance of being on firm ground? Terra Firma is an integral part of our existence, invisible and natural. Who would we be without it? What would we do if there was not the Terra Firma under our feet, the basis for all things that exist? Only Terra Firma can withstand us and all the things that are bigger than us – man-made creations. The project represents large sculptural forms as a reminiscence of our existence in all of its aspects inseparably resting on the obviousness and infinity of Terra Firma in the worldwide flow and interaction of bioparticles.

Project participants: Aleksandr Turetsky, Viktor Gryza, Yulia Yalanzhi (Invogue Gallery), Oksana Chepelyk, Elena Piskova, Maksim Zhestkov, Anna Naduda, Artem Prisyazhnyuk, Ivan Vlasenko, Elena Samarskaya, Ekaterina Snezhko, Artem Strembitsky, Olga Sobko, Margarita Sherstyuk, Igor Kanivets, Vasily Tatarsky, Viktor Arefiev, Kristofor & Kleymenova.


Yuliya Yalanzhi

‘Cellular practice. Origin’

Yuliya Yalanzhi is an artist from Odesa who continues her creative search on the verge of art and cell theory. Her auteur project ‘Cellular Practice’ takes on a new form within the framework of GOGOLFEST festival.

Creative concept of sculptural installation – reproduction of cellular system. Just as elements come together to form a whole, so do objects-cells merge and create one single organism. Total installation leads the viewer to understanding the nature of this process.

Natural mechanism lying at the heart of art project reveals the secret symbolism of the sculpture. As a basic element of all living things on Earth, a cell has the form of feminine archetype. It brings us back to the oldest unconscious prototypes.


Artem Prisyazhnyuk

Baradax Studio

’12 impractically’ and surrealistically shaped teapots hanging in the air.

The project presents a teapot that got bored. The work frames restriction as a driving force of evolution.

Terra Firma. 7th pavilion, photo-2


Maksim Zhestkov

‘Motion-design The Elements’ – new video by guru of international motion-design Maksim Zhestkov.

Maksim Zhestkov – motion design and animation artist who works at the intersection of cinematography and art. He serves clients all over the world, including Google, Fox, MTV, IDEO, BMW, Ford, etc.

In addition to building his professional career, Maksim is always seeking to transform the boundaries of visual language through his short films. While working on films, advertisements and design industry, Maksim explores new horizons in art, technology, design, and he is always looking for new problematics.

Terra Firma. 7th pavilion, photo-3


Bogdan Kukharsky

‘The search for primary elements Kukharsky’s diagrams’

The primary elements of nature are: air, fire, water and earth. And also ceramics as a key pillar.


Oksana Chepelyk

The spatial structure of Calabi-Yau. Primarily, all this has relevance to very complex advanced mathematics, which is the apotheosis of generalization of principles and phenomena of subatomic physics that have been under scientific observation for over a century. The properties of subatomic world are such that they often contradict the properties of matter within the framework of classical Newtonian physics and canons of common sense.

The Calabi-Yau manifold has a sort of metric structure that illustrates the effects of compactification of space-time dimensions. It’s like a Bible citation ‘In the beginning, God created heaven and earth…’ formulated from the perspective of one-hundred year experimental study of light, mass and energy. The question about the nature of substance – what everything is made of? Up to what point can we say that everything is made out of atoms? Or, if we go deeper – out of energy. The Calabi-Yau manifold … is the ultimate level of abstraction and mathematical generalization of the modern understanding of this issue. The multidimensional ocean of energy and computer images of Calabi-Yau space – they are very beautiful…


Victor Griza

YoU: adults give very small children to play a doll that can not be put. It has a center of gravity at the bottom. This center of gravity again and again returns it to the vertical position.

Installation is an allegory of epoch-making personalities, which have a very large weight in history and do not lend itself to complete depravation. They again and again rise in full growth in ideological space.

Such heroes and such anti-heroes exist in every era and in every country. Adults play with idols when they are dropped from the post-place and again put on it. in times of historical extremes, we hear a terrible grunt (youRRRRRRRR). This society again speaks the language of the cult of personality …

Terra Firma. 7th pavilion, photo-4