ArkSquat. GogolFest 2017

Author: Marina - 29 september 2017 year

ArkSquat. GogolFest 2017, photo-1

Meet the first ever art squat in Ukraine, which is called 'ArkSquat'. The flood theme is dominant at all the locations of GogolFest 2017. Even the building facade is decorated with mandala which took a long time to create and which will eventually be destroyed... Together with the building.

Artist: Aleksandr Liapin, Dmitry Korsunn, Roman Selsky, Lyuda Lual, Dmitry Openko, Tanya Virozub, Daria Zaseda, Tubeletz Dmytro, Vitaliy Pravdytsky, Alexsandr Yatsenko, Yaroslav Golubchik, Bohdan Bunchak, Alexey Leonov, Dima Dorogostaisky, María Volkova, Olimana Gurimanaaa, Evgeny Korshunov, Alexey Shevchenko, Sergey Lebedev, Olegg Kulay-Kulaychuk, Igor Polischuk, Igor Belsky, Julia Belskaya, Anatoly Shynkarov, Jeka Kotenko, Marina Timchenko, Andrey Prahov.



Volodymyr Heafer (Pokrovets) 'Digital Bath'

It is capture of a real obgect by digital reality imitation.

The author uses symbols describing the way he perceives social networks, SMM technologies, advertising and popularity in the Word Wide Web. With the help of his work, he wants to share this knowledge with the audience.

Every day a modern man takes a bath digital information, mindfucking his brains, the author does not try to declare whether it is good or bad. He sectionizes the modernite, as a stanger, a person from outside.

ArkSquat. GogolFest 2017, photo-2



This is a monolith called 'Zero Man', the story of 'Zero Man', an absurdist-scientific fiction.

Efetuzhder is the author of the story and collages.

«We will give a presentation in the form of musical-visual story and take it beyond the pages.»



ArkSquat. GogolFest 2017, photo-3

In their performance called '4.13' Yulia and Igor Belsky examine viewer’s feelings and find out whether the viewer feels ok after being enclosed in a small room of normal space. Will space remain normal in the event of a collision? We will resolve this issue by means of experiment.

The 'Cucaracha' performance by 'Kaperusitarokha' art group is dedicated to psychological problems of loneliness among women in a situation where woman is the one to blame for it. She is destined for loneliness. She will be alone until she sweeps the red cockroaches out of her head and gives up the thought that the whole world owes her something.

«4.13» Yulia and Igor Belsky

In their performance called '4.13' Yulia and Igor Belsky examine viewer’s feelings and find out whether the viewer feels ok after being enclosed in a small room of normal space. Will space remain normal in the event of a collision? We will resolve this issue by means of experiment.

ArkSquat. GogolFest 2017, photo-4

Olga Gurina (Olimana Gurimana), 'Residence permit'

Video installation.

Three videos are used in this work: on the left, you will see a video made in Russia, on the right — a video made in Ukraine, in the center — a video of the Moon.

The work was created on a trip to Russia made by bus from Kyiv to Lipetsk and on the return trip made by bus from Lipetsk to Kyiv. In both cases, artist crossed the border between two belligerent countries while sitting in passenger seat #20. Russia is the country where she was born and lived for 27 years, and this is also the place where her parents, brother, niece and best friend live now. Ukraine is the country where she found her true identity, likeminded people and the future that she believes in. In Russia she received a passport, while in Ukraine she was granted a residence permit. The passport was given to her by right of the soil, while residence permit is something that has to be earned year after year — by paying taxes, making applications and submitting certificates of non-conviction. In her work, the author wonders if the issuance of passport based upon person’s birthplace is the 'right' thing to do? Passport and residence permit are man-made creations, just like the theater.

Citizenship is also a role played by people. Is it possible to live a life without playing a role in this 'political' theater and without noticing the borders? Maybe the only way to avoid crossing the border is to walk along it? Or perhaps even to become a stateless person or a resident of the Moon?...

ArkSquat. GogolFest 2017, photo-5

Tubeletz Dmytro

We are all surrounded by lies. Politicians lie to us. We are fed lies in shops, markets, public transport, on TV screens. There is a vast amount of lies in the art of today. People got used to this situation... they have adapted to it. Love! Only love makes us see beauty, magic and other things... It makes us feel joy and happiness. Love is the force that can overcome total lie surrounding us!

This project is all about Love. A new rendition with elements of action. My goal is to enable viewers to break free of lies that live inside them. We all establish thresholds we would never compromise. And there are also lines we would cross with pleasure. Find out more details about the schedule and the project itself

Картины, скетчи, инсталляции, перформанс, динамический свет для создания световых эффектов.
Живопись: Холст. Масло.
Размер: от 100х80см. К 30х20см.
Годы создания: 2012-2017
Инсталляции: 3 манекена.
Размер: ширина — 70см., высота — 185см

Андрей Прахов и его «Метаморфозы»

«Метаморфозы» — это ответ на абстрактную фотографию Украинского фотохудожника Андрея Парахина. Абстрактные фотоработы насыщались конкретными образами, независимо от первоначального замысла, который оставался в секрете. Получился параллельный поток воображений фотографа и художника.

В программе выставки — встреча со зрителем и создание инсталляции, которая будет сооружаться на глазах у зрителей, параллельно превращаясь в перформанс. Зритель приглашен к участию.

Идея работы — показать переход из видимого мира в мир невидимый, астральный. На примере сновидений будут использованы образы древних финских зооморфных и антропоморфных идолообразных изображений, а также православной деревянной скульптуры.

«Метаморфозы» в живописи Андрея Прахова — это ответ на абстрактную фотографию Украинского фотохудожника Андрея Парахина (Andrii Parakhin).

Ранее основной направленностью живописи Андрея Прахова был городской пейзаж с постоянной работой на пленэре. В последние годы тема городского пейзажа обогатилась более философскими сюжетами со сложной композиционной основой, написанными уже в мастерской. При этом знание пленэра очень помогло в создании работ по памяти и, так сказать, со вторичных источников — фотографий, гравюр, изображений древних артефактов и пр. В настоящий момент Андрей занимается развитием темы заимствования и переосмысления канонических форм в современном искусстве. Изучает, анализирует и применяет в своих работах уже устоявшиеся формы, представляя их в трактовке современной реальности.

Андрей Прахов родился в 1956 году в городе Великий Устюг. Упоминается в летописях с 1147 года. Место рождения трех святых. Необычайно красивый и живописный город на излучине реки. 35 церквей, включая монастыри — в такой среде нельзя не стать художником.

Творческая карьера началась с Пермской художественной школы и Пермской академии живописи, ваяния и зодчества. Несколько лет Андрей сотрудничал в качестве художника с фольклорным ансамблем Пермского Государственного Университета, обогатившись познаниями народной художественной среды, начиная от костюма и заканчивая росписью утвари и интерьера. Параллельно с творчеством успел поработать микробиологом, учителем биологии и рисования, гидротехником, пожарным, оператором ТПС и продавцом. Когда появилась возможность, стал много путешествовать, побывал в творческих поездках во многих городах Европы и Азии.

«Город в женщине» Александр Яценко

Просматривая множество документальных фильмов о городе и природу, я решил синтезировать эти образы. Женщина приснилась мне. Она была спокойной, умиротворенной и расслабленно-перетекающей как вечность. Поэтому я взял маркеры и лист бумаги, которые были у меня под рукой и начал искать и воспроизводить ее образ. Переплетал линии, наполнял их разными цветами. Так с одного рисунка началась серия картин, затем скульптур и инсталляций.

Город в женщине.

Начало. Мы полны силы и уверенности. Наши желания и замыслы воплощаются в реальность. После расслабления всегда наступает активная фаза.

Вечерний город оживает. Бесконечный поток улиц теряется в мерцающей игре каменных джунглей. Отражение витрин поражает своим величием и влечет огоньками новой надежды. Вечерний мегаполис радует многомерностью огней. Стеклянные гиганты держат небесный свод. Свет фар рождает длинные лучи. Бросает вызов темноте.

Стремление движения, изменений. Новый взгляд. Новые знакомства. Новый опыт. Новые возможности. Новое, меняет старое. Дома-микросхемы покрывают дороги-улицы. Миллионы соединений превращаются в паутину связей. Непрерывное движение, переход из одного состояния в другое. Трансформация. Женский силуэт наполняют реки, вьются как змеи на лоне природы. Витальность женского начала на фоне пульсирующего жизни мегаполиса. Образ женщины через своеобразное отражение архитектоники сооружений обнаруживает красоту ее обнаженного тела, переплетается с острыми формами урбанистического пространства и трансформирует его, предоставив городу в целом романтического и лирическую окраску. Синтез образов обнаженной женщины и стеклянного мегаполиса — это опыт как природа и цивилизация взаимно проникают. Это поиск их гармоничного сосуществования.


The project is dedicated to the phenomenon of sleep. Sometimes we need to take a rest. We will have a large six-meter bed. Zebra will also live in this room.

ArkSquat. GogolFest 2017, photo-6



Nick Jackson

I’m an American writer and artist, currently working on a research project- a book of journalistic comics. Put simply, the idea is to tell the stories of 12 different people who took part in the events of EuroMaidan. I want these individuals to come from very different backgrounds and ideologies- from pacifistic student activists, to western nationalists, to police officers, to babushkas. I will include their personal roles in Maidan as well as creating a portrait of their lives beyond this event. I hope that creating a window into the lives of these people in conflict can help readers better understand others across ideological lines.

My room at ArkSquat is my first chance to share some of these stories. I’ve turned the walls of the space стіни простору into the frames of a giant comic. Over the course of the festival, I’ll be listening through the interviews I’ve conducted and finding significant excerpts. These texts will cover the walls and my rough illustrations will help bring them to life. Guests to my space will also have a chance to listen to excerpts from the source material, my interviews.

The room is shared with Tanya Cheprasova, a Ukrainian painter and art therapist who collaborated with other artists during Maidan. On view are works that she completed 2013-2015. Much of the art was first shown on Maidan, in the Ukrainian House. Later they were exhibited in 'Art, Fact, and Provocation' in Warsaw, Paris, and Prague. They represent a synthesis of the Ukrainian academic school and more modern styles. At the same time, they are true artistic artifacts of Maidan.

Finally, as this room has to do with different people’s personal stories of Maidan, it seemed fitting to invite viewers to share some of their own moments. Guests are invited to draw and write their own texts, to express a concrete story from their own experience of that strange winter. These will be exhibited on the ceiling of the room. So truly, guests to the room will be surrounded by stories. Tatiana Cherpasovaya I experienced the Maidan events as an artist and as an art-therapist. Today, the historical project dedicated to Maidan events and academic paintings are on display. These are cathartic works. I would like to present these stories and thereby keep them alive in our memories.



Lucy Van Der,

I’m a French paper artist, illustrator, and sculptor.

This project is about resources and the exploitation of nature and humans by humans themselves. The 'peaks' in papier maché can symbolize human endeavour and achievements, the desire to always go higher, bigger, and faster. But the structure is hollow and inside is revealed a structure of twigs and smaller shapes, seemingly 'working' there (like ants, or pyramid builders, slaves in a ship or workers in a quarry)

I am trying to use the materials of the place. Much of the papier mâché comes from the wallpaper of the room itself, while the sticks come from the forest visible right outside the window.



This room is called the 'Assemblage point'. The museum of Anatoly Bondarenko. Legend has it that he worked as a technician at animation studio 'Borisfen'. This room is his workplace, his life, his fantasies, and his dreams.



ArkSquat. GogolFest 2017, photo-7

4th floor. 'The woman who eats candies' project will move from room No.409 to room No.404 at the direction of higher administrative forces.

This project is a literary-plastic performance. In terms of genre, the project is a synthesis of plastics, poetry, drama and cinema. In terms of style, it is a parable-reflection, existential observations of human beings during the times of flood chaos.

One has to ask, what does the 'Woman who eats candies' have to do with this? She is the main character and you will see everything through her eyes, but don’t forget to keep your eyes open ☺

And what about candies? On the one hand, it is a good idea to talk about the most important things so as not to forget about pleasure. Without pleasure the process of learning the truth would be similar to walking over burning coals. Nobody wants it this way, not even the stage director☺

On the other hand, what is a candy and what do we find inside candy wrapper?

What happens to people who didn’t find what they expected and is there a reason for that? And who is the reason for that?

Come and see for yourself.



Art project-study of the search for conscious creative state of mind in the times of information flow. Achieving inner balance, the duality of being, soul searching, the return to yourself. Relaxation, concentration and meditation. Man, as a personality, a separate universe with endless inner and outer world, their combination and interaction, diversity and similarity. Collision or contact, the duality of being.

The artist explores the possibility of reaching a creative state of mind with the help of created space, where the key tools include meditation on internal and external processes, interaction, observation of sensations experienced from a combination of visual, auditory, energy, physical impact and all other possible factors at a particular time.



Artist: Anton Logov

Gogolfest ArkSquat

On September 7 at 19.00, artist Anton Logov will present his installations 'Rains of utopias' and 'Light at the end of the tunnel' at the premises of former animation studio 'Borisfen' located near Dovzhenko Center (Kyiv, Vasylkivska street, 1). Anton Logov created these installations within the framework of GogolFest ArkSquat, which is a place where artists have the opportunity to fulfill their fantasies on the Ark theme of Gogolfest 2017 during the period from July 28 to September 18.

Installation called 'Rains of utopias' is directly related to squat and its history. — I found folders containing studio documentation and decided to use them as a metaphor for the rain of hopes and unfulfilled dreams. It’s all about the black rain that pours down over my country and changes quite a few things inside us. This is the process of construction of a new space of thoughts with the use of artistic tools — total installation and creation of an almost cinematic image. The horizontal and vertical lines stretching along the entire room is a conditional analogy to a prison of human disappointments.

2) Installation called 'Light at the end of the tunnel' as a continuation and a dialogue with the first installation. This is a story about catastrophes, war, poverty, physical and moral losses. It’s all about devastation. The centerpiece of this installation is the word 'Yes' written on a large canvas, which gives us hope despite all the negative things in the reality.

All the items used in the installation were found on the territory of former 'Borisfen' studio.

ArkSquat. GogolFest 2017, photo-8



An installation called 'Soul' will be presented in room No.307. This is the place where the soul of the building will be released. In view of the fact that this building will be demolished, we decided to set its soul free. The installation includes only the items that were found inside this building. The centerpiece of installation — drawings from original cartoon 'The last wife of the Blue Beard (Barbe bleue)'.



My name is Alena Kirpa. My project is called 'The karma of a crowd'. I help viewers delve into feeling of a crowd and make them understand what they feel when being immersed in a crowd — do they retain their personalities or get carried away by crowd’s idea and become part of something else, that is, lose themselves as personalities, give up on their ideas and, in fact, lose themselves.

ArkSquat. GogolFest 2017, photo-9



So we are the thatched theatre company and we are here to tell Ukrainian folktale for kids here.

We have made a story that we have mixed of all different stories, different Ukrainian tales and we have mixed it all up and we made a new tale, that we are gonna perform using puppetry.

So we have made some puppets and everything else we are making here in Ukraine.

At the moment, I am making three giant chicken heads.

We ...... are inspired by easter eggs, you are making in Easter with the wax.

It will be really fun!



Hello. My name is Stan Kvitka. I work in tandem with Yulia Kisel in room No. 212. My part of the room is a dream room. I turned it into kind of a workshop. This is the place where I collect my thoughts and the images I see. This is also my workplace.



Vadim Savchenko-Morskoi

What are memories to you?

Do they remind you of first-time sex or your first cigarette? For author’s perspective, memories are a combination of fantastic grotesque from the past and aesthetic illusion which gives us the power to control time. Memory lives inside this room. Memory is like eternal life that exists in sentence-scraps and sketches on paper.

Everything written down on paper or drawn by hand becomes nonsense in the age of technology. What’s the point in all that nonsense, if dozens of gadgets can do everything for us and there is no more need for keeping something in memory? This is exactly what you will learn here — you will learn to say goodbye to the past.

The author proposes to splash out your memories on paper here and now. After all, there is a risk that everything will come to an end, so wouldn’t it be better if we said goodbye to the past and left it inside this room together with fragments of other people’s lives?

The picture used in the installation was painted in the Crimea. Just like tails of memories of that time, it can be found in these boxes — peculiar corridors of memory. Many other things can be found here too. Everyone can take and keep part of it as a symbol of the past that will stay with us even after being destroyed and taken away.

The finest materials of memory endue us with indestructible power to control time, revisit any moment in the past and become immortal — the great gift of staying in this world forever, even if only in the form of fragment of one’s consciousness. The next installation is called 'The diary of a madman'. It is dedicated to Gogol. These are notes, diaries, excerpts of the notebooks. The installation is also dedicated to school. Notebooks hanging from the ceiling and from the walls — these are my notes and all sorts of memories. There will be a desk in the center of the room. I will leave a notebook on the desk, so that you can write something down in it. Afterwards, we will hang this notebook in this room.



The project of opportunities and constraints. This is a project for implementation of children’s program. Room No.202 is the place where fashion industry’s workshops are located. This is a modeling & choreographic studio for children. We are preparing an interdisciplinary interactive project that will be carried out at ENEA. In the workshops we have the sketches for future costumes as well as ready-made costumes that will be used in a stage performance.

Project curator: Katja Supranovich.



We Tokachov, (X)Khalepa, Tarasenko, united into the group TxT, understanding that the difference of our arts and commonality of views enriches cooperation, and inspires us to create alternative creative works in real time. We will present a series of works within this project — photographs on aluminum plates and live modular synthesizer performance. Our group is made up of three people: an artist, a musician and an architect-urbanist. Each of us performs his own role. Our task is to commit an act of materialization the ideas into concrete form, sound, or experience. We work using mechanisms of partisipation when a group of artists and audience are immersed in the interaction with each other, creating object of collective creativity. In our work we aim to create a field in which everyone will be able to dive into the reflexive state, feel an experience, to stop and understand the emergence of certainsituations and pulses in our lives. Our work is a certain kind of communication with the world, people and ourselves.

ArkSquat. GogolFest 2017, photo-10



The project is called 'Membrane'. The project concept consists in the following: when you enter this room, you feel yourself part of a living organism overgrown with moss and breathing with polyethylene lungs. You will have the opportunity to interact with it, feel it, absorb, study, mess around, have some rest from the hum of traffic and life in concrete blocks of the city.

There are no straight lines or rough forms in this room. Here you will find only natural forms of cells and membranes.

ArkSquat. GogolFest 2017, photo-11



В группу сейчас входят 6 участниц: Ольга Чекотовская, Катерина Кубицкая-Солдатова, Алена Шибунова, Юлия Захарова, Ольга Антонова и Евгения Антонова.

Так же есть наша страничка в Instagram: и в фейсбуке:

Наш интерактивный проект на гогольфесте будет длиться до закрытия фестиваля.



«6 artists from Poltava and Kherson were invited to participate in this project. We explored the location, the very fact of mandala, the fact of contradictions, and the development of the space itself. Each of the six artists accomplished a creative task within the framework of this project. We covered room No.105 with drawings. Furthermore, we created an installation in room No.107. In addition, we are planning to execute a project on the first-floor landing. There will also be a painting on the wall.

Come and see for yourself. Enjoy!»



The 'Circle' project is a reflection of interaction between modern society and its environment.

The goal of this project — development of the constructive life of mankind, preservation and enrichment of cultural heritage, promotion of eco-consciousness.

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